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"If you perform the sacrifice of doing your duty, you do not have to do anything else. Devoted to duty, man attains perfection"

- The Bhagwad Gita

 "All power is a trust – we are accountable for its exercise – it all springs, from the people for the people. Discretion becomes a duty when the beneficiary brings home the circumstances for its benign exercise"

- Justice (Retd.) V.R. Krishna Iyer

About Us

Mahajan & Mahajan (“M&M”) is a litigation focused boutique law firm dedicated to professional excellence, personal and high quality service and effective, solution-oriented advocacy. We deliver quality work, personalized service and extraordinary value to our Clients.


Founded by Advocate Vaibhav Mahajan, Our lawyers possess a broad range of legal expertise and are committed to providing experienced, versatile and practical legal counsel. Our approach is simple, direct and uncompromising. We are tenacious in the pursuit of our clients' interests and focus on providing the best possible service in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner. Meeting our clients’ legal and business needs is our greatest priority. We are highly attentive and committed to providing a common sense, skilled approach to problem solving. To that end, we do not merely respond – we anticipate; we are not passive but proactive.


We understand that people and businesses are reluctant to seek legal advice because of the costs associated with the same. In most instances, clients do not contact their attorneys to help avoid trouble but rather to get out of it. It is our mission to change this attitude and to help clients make the right decisions early on so as to avoid the time consuming, emotionally draining, and financially burdensome consequences of inadequate planning.

Live News

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Practice Areas


​Our Lawyers practice and appear before the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court and other High Courts, District Courts, Special Courts and Tribunals. Comprehensive knowledge of the deliberative process of these courts is vital to formulating thriving strategies and presenting arguments on behalf of our clients. The firm inter-alia handles civil and recovery suits, property related matters, stay and injunction, family disputes, Will, Motor Accidents and Consumer related cases.


Our Associates advice clients on document retention and maintenance, privileged communication, admissibility of evidence, discovery procedures and all other matters which can arise in the event of a dispute.

The dispute resolution through Conciliation, Arbitration and Mediation etc., is regarded as alternative mechanism to resolve the disputes between or among the parties in a defined legal relationship. The dispute resolution through Arbitration has occupied great significance in India in the recent past though it was successfully practiced in the developed nations like United States etc. The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 replacing the earlier act of 1940, governs the issue of dispute resolution through Arbitration. In principle, we do not advise clients to litigate where alternative dispute-resolution avenues would suffice.


​We advise on competition law issues including mergers, restrictive trade practices, issues relating to dominant position, Anti Trust and cartelization and Legal Representation before the Competition Commission of India and Competition Appellate Tribunal.


We advise on environment laws, liabilities and penalties, Environmental compliances for projects, Litigation support in Courts and Tribunals including the National Green Tribunal.


​M&M provides Drafting and vetting of Employment Contracts, Advise on various benefits to Employees and legal compliances under law. Disciplinary action and Termination of Employees. Representation before CAT (Central Administrative Tribunals) and High Courts.

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We Provide Corporate Advisories and Retainerships to incorporated entities who have frequent requirement for legal services. We are associated with several reputed companies and act as an alternative solution to keeping a permanent in-house legal counsels. We work on a fixed monthly retainership model to provide cost-effective and long term legal solutions to the corporate and business needs in a timely manner.


  • We take care of all the Drafting, Vetting and Negotiations of Agreements. 

  • We assess and undertake all the Litigation needs of the business in both Defending and Initiating the Legal Claims.

  • We  undertake issuance and replying of Legal Notices.

  • We undertake IPR and Labour related matters for the businesses.

  • We provide Legal Advisories and Consultations as and when needed.


M&M inter-alia handles matters related to Mergers & Acquisitions, Oppression and Mismanagement, Rectification of Shareholding, Serious Fraud Investigations related to Companies etc. in National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal NCLAT of India. We also advice and represent Clients before Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for violations of SEBI Act and subsequent appeals before the Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) at Mumbai. Our Clients have relied upon our legal representations, strategy formulations and effective defence for Investigations alleging violations of FERA, FEMA, RBI and Anti-Dumping polices and Customs Laws. We also provide Tax and FDI advisories based on the Import and Export Classifications. We also provide Drafting, settling and vetting of commercial contracts and documentation; structuring and corporate strategy; and advice on day to day legal issues concerning commercial and business affairs


The firm inter-alia handles Criminal Writs and other writs for quashing of FIR, Bail Matters in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, and other lower courts. We also represent clients in matters relating to crime against women and maintenance, private complaints to Magistrate such as complaints for Cheating, Fraud, Breach of Trust, Defamation etc. accidental cases, matrimonial cases and cases pertaining to dishonour of cheques.

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